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You get to choose when and where you work

Extra Money

Get paid 7 days from when you upload your assignment


Work on all different types of tasks or just the ones you like

What is Survey Merchandiser?

Survey Merchandiser connects you with retail services gigs available in local stores. You review the details of each gig -- the requirements, locations, time to complete, and the pay. Choose the ones you want, complete the work, and get paid. 

All Survey Merchandisers are independent contractors, so if you enjoy the freedom of being your own boss and working when you want, then Survey is for you. 

Top Benefits


Take photos and enter info about products and promotions


Stock shelves, build displays, and place stickers on items

Complete in-store sampling events and introduce shoppers to products

Product Demos

Update the shelf layouts in entire store sections


What types of gigs are they?

You get to choose from a variety of types of work. This helps you gain experience and keeps things from getting boring. We provide full instructions and support, so you'll have everything you need to be successful. 

Introduce new products to store managers and ask them to place orders. 

Brand Ambassador / Sell Ins

Step 1 - Create an account

Install the Survey Merchandiser app and register your account in seconds

Step 2 - Claim / accept gigs

Browse the list of projects and stores on your Available list. Read the description and choose the ones you want. Our schedulers will also contact you with custom routes that you can choose to accept. 

Step 3 - Visit stores and complete the work

Go to your assigned stores and complete the work by following clear, simple instructions.

How it works

Step 4 - Get Paid

Assuming all requirements are satisfied, assignments get approved six days from when you upload them. Once approved, you request a payment in the app's Payment Center, and the money will get processed by 11:59pm EST the following day. 

Sure has been a lifesaver in times of need and in-between regular pay periods. Scheduling crew has been amazing and knowledgeable able to assist with any questions. Would recommend to others. Thanx to Survey scheduling crew for all you do!!! You're appreciated.

I work for a large organization doing planogram etc issues and restocking of certain products. I just wanted to find a quick side job for weekends or after hours. This is perfect! I didn’t realize how well it would work!

I love this app! I had downloaded a ton of different apps to earn some extra cash and this one has been the most lucrative, and one of two that I didn't uninstall. The customer service team is awesome! They always work with me when needed and will text me when new jobs are available. If you have a good work ethic and some common sense, this app will be great for you.

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